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Promote Diversity

By supporting Minority Golf Association, you can help promote diversity and inclusivity in the sport of golf. Your donation supports our efforts to increase representation and provide opportunities for people of color to participate in the sport.


Provide Access

Golf can be an expensive sport to participate in, and not everyone has equal access to the resources needed to play. By donating to Minority Golf Association, you can help provide access to equipment, facilities, and training for individuals who might not otherwise have the means to participate.


Create Community

Minority Golf Association can provide a sense of community and belonging for individuals who may feel isolated or excluded in traditional golf settings. By supporting Minority Golf Association, you can help create a space where people of color feel welcome and supported.


Promote Skill-Building

Golf can be a great way to build skills such as focus, discipline, and patience. Your donation can help promote skill-building opportunities for people of color, which can have positive impacts beyond the sport itself.


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Join the movement for positive change in golf. Together, we can build a more inclusive and dynamic future for the sport.